When I first moved to London in the early 90’s, I started my design career on retail magazines. My boss at the time, Clare White, helped my progress further to that job and I secured the role of art editor on Creative Review magazine.

There followed a fantastic few years in Soho, designing Creative Review, partying, getting to meet some of the most creative people in Europe and watching the industry quickly adopt a digital workflow.

Three years into my tenure, I was approached by Paul Lussier, the art director of TIME magazine, to work as deputy art director for the four international TIME editions. I stayed at TIME for three years. It was a privilege to be involved and connected to such a renowned news and business title. Being in contact with the New York offices, working very late nights and watching stories and covers change at the last moment was very exciting.

Following TIME, I was contacted by Vince Frost and hired by the Financial Times to art direct a new weekend magazine called The Business. This magazine was launched to showcase the (mainly tech-oriented) new, young, businesses that were emerging in the ‘wired’ atmosphere of the late nineties, to early noughties.

We had a lot of fun and the magazine helped to realise circulation substantially. High production costs eventually forced closure when the FT was tightening it’s belt and a new editor took over the main paper. The magazine has re-emerged now, albeit in more conservative clothes.

For the past decade I have been working on smaller projects and doing re-designs for clients. Clients have included National Geographic, Wallpaper, History Today and also dual-language English/Arabic titles. I am interested in getting involved in multi-platform projects, but I remain true to print. Nothing beats it, in my humble opinion!

Please get in touch if you would like to talk about a project.