Alumni News

A magazine for London Business School

I’ve worked for many customer publishing houses, mainly because I am conceptually strong on magazine formats and commissioning of artwork. I also work hard to suggest how a perceived limitation of a title can be made into a distinctive asset.

This title was done for Cedar Publishing. I was brought in to design a title that could be sent to alumni who had graduated from the London Business school. There was a very tight budget and a large section of the magazine had to be supported visually with portraits sent in by alumni.

I quite often only had a few black and white pictures for a whole spread in the magazine, so had to use my own techniques to add colour and meaning to the visuals. I was blessed with working with an excellent editor who knocked the copy into shape and we suddenly had a great little title which pleased both Cedar and LBS alike. The first issue was done in less than two weeks and I stayed on a short contract for the first few issues to set the tone, before handing over.


  • Concept & art direction for new launch
  • Commission photography and illustration
  • Responsible for first five issues